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Driven by a strong sense of our vision of delivering sustainable livelihoods for disadvantaged women and men, CEfAD works to challenge conditions that perpetuate vulnerability, injustice and poverty with the recognition that the basic livelihoods of a person is paramount to his/her survival and a dignified space in society. We place value on community participation and active engagement of the people closest to the problem, notably the affected or vulnerable population. In all activities, CEFAD recognizes ensures that the design and implementation of livelihoods projects are effective for realization of sustainable livelihoods outcomes and CEfAD’s methodology for achieving comprehensive livelihood outcomes is through livelihoods framework. To do this, CEfAD recognises that practical steps in identifying livelihoods gaps and opportunities, identification of baselines and putting in place measures of progress are good basis for concrete actions towards the realization of livelihood outcomes within each specific social contexts.

CEfAD’s livelihoods goals shall ensure increase in household income, availability of food, and improvement in economic and social wellbeing of indigent communities.