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Climate Change

CEfAD understands there is urgent need to increase efforts in addressing the consequence of climate change in Uganda, especially in areas affected by droughts, floods and rising water. CEfAD understands that the changing weather patterns and increase in extreme weather events is increasingly leading to land degradation, crop failure, water stress and food shortages, increase in tropical diseases and natural disasters in Uganda. CEfAD is works with environmental agents, government, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and grassroots groups to implement selected climate change mitigation and adaptation measure. These include local capacity strengthening and awareness on climate change issues, improving livelihoods practices to become climate change sensitive and increase community resilience, engagement with climate change stakeholders in promoting climate change agenda, and disseminating climate change policies and strategies.

The use of technology, data-driven practices and indigenous knowledge in addressing climate change challenges are key CEfAD’s methodology for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Ultimately, CEfAD envisions a Uganda where disruption of lives and livelihoods due adverse climate change conditions are minimised.