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With documented challenges surrounding the issues of access and quality of primary education in Uganda, and implications on the wider social and livelihoods outcomes in relation to the MDGs, CEfAD regards education as a critical and determinant sector with association to wider socio-economic wellbeing. With the aim of promoting access to quality primary education and school completion at primary school level, CEFAD’s role in supporting education sector shall remain at primary education level and limited to the following intervention areas: 

  • Use of renewable energy to bolster learning outcomes.
  • Application of technology to document education challenges and link data to education decisions making at targeted levels including the school    
  • Providing education support that links to children retention in school, with a focus on the girl child

 With a focus on exploring new development options and approaches, Centre for Alternative Development (CEfAD) aspires to create lasting solutions by providing services in business solutions, research, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building and project management support for NGOs, private sector and the government.

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