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Natural Resource management

Natural resource management

In relation to the new developments in Uganda, we seek to undertake a documentation of justice and accountability issues related to extraction. This shall provide needed inform evidence-based decisions to avert potential oil curse and contribute to improving the management of the oil sector as much towards expectations for prudent management and equitable sharing of oil revenue.  CEfAD focus is to broker knowledge between stakeholders by documenting and supplying relevant, contextual and factual information in a timely and strategic manner.

Other natural resources that bear significance to the livelihoods of the ordinary people include forests and water. The management and policy decisions surrounding the use of these natural resources have in the past caused conflict and they remain potential threats to the livelihoods and long term economic security of vulnerable people.  

 With a focus on exploring new development options and approaches, Centre for Alternative Development (CEfAD) aspires to create lasting solutions by providing services in business solutions, research, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building and project management support for NGOs, private sector and the government.

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