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A valued Resource 

At CEfAD we recognise the various types of essential partnerships that make can make us deliver better results. We identify the following 3 types of partners with whom we can relate at different levels, to achieve common goals: 


Core partners    Implement activities  National NGOs, CBOs & formal other institutions 
Strategic partners Leveraging opportunities Networks, associations and other
Resource partners Technical inputs Universities, Research Institutions, innovation firms and other firms with specialised roles

 Working with our partners 

Working together and achieving more

Expanding the scale of impact through partnership, through combined capacities, will enable CEfAD and partners to reach more beneficiaries and realise greater impact in a cost-efficient manner. 

Mutual accountability and stewardship of resources

CEfAD strives for greater sphere of responsible actions that conform to civil society norms and ethics of mutual accountability and through working together with partners. 

Leveraging results

Working in partnership with donors and strategic partners can help finance, empower and support preconditions for sustainable change. 

 The value of our partnership

  • Shared learning
  • Leveraging results
  • Financing

CEfAD accepts working in partnership for a common cause in any of CEfAD’s core programme areas. Please send your interest to work in partnership with CEfAD using the form below and we will get back to you. 





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Accountability and Governance
Climate Change and disaster risk reduction

 With a focus on exploring new development options and approaches, Centre for Alternative Development (CEfAD) aspires to create lasting solutions by providing services in business solutions, research, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building and project management support for NGOs, private sector and the government.


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